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Super Bowl LI News and Notes

A look around SB Nation on the 2017 Super Bowl.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Are you ready?  Seriously? Two more days and we get to see the Super Bowl, are you team Falcons or team Patriots?

Let's get some more news and notes from our sister sites on SB Nation.

Alex Mack injury: Dan Quinn admits to concern with center’s status, but he should play - The Falcoholic
If Quinn worries, we worries. Just not too much.

Falcons offense vs Patriots defense: who wins? - The Falcoholic
The top scoring offense vs the top scoring defense is a perfect Super Bowl match up.

Julio Jones’ selflessness makes the Falcons high-powered offense possible - The Falcoholic
#11 isn’t just the greatest, he’s also the most selfless.

What will you do if the Falcons win Super Bowl LI? - The Falcoholic
Everyone’s got their own answer.

Super Bowl 2017: Stopping the Falcons won’t be easy - The Falcoholic
In fact, it’s insanely difficult.

Patriots CB Logan Ryan shares his thoughts on free agency, challenges covering Falcons receivers - Pats Pulpit
The Patriots cornerback will have a full plate in the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LI: Young Falcons defenders excited to face Patriots QB Tom Brady - Pats Pulpit
The Falcons defenders promise they won’t be starstruck.

Defensive tackle play could be a game-changer for the Patriots defense - Pats Pulpit
The Patriots have a nice 3-man rotation at defensive tackle and those 3 could be the key to slowing down the Falcons offense.

Super Bowl 51: Even if they won’t admit it, Patriots linemen benefit from consistency - Pats Pulpit
The Patriots linemen refuse to blame previous struggles on a player rotation.

Super Bowl LI: Patriots will face mirror image in the Falcons offense - Pats Pulpit
New England's defense needs to bring its A-game, both physically and mentally.