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Super Bowl LI News and Notes

A look around the web at news on Super Bowl 51.

Eric Seals-USA TODAY Sports

One... More... Day.

Enjoy the weekend and let's all get hyped to hopefully watch a good game.

Of course, the way these playoffs have gone, who knows.

Super Bowl 2017: Predict the final stats for the Falcons - The Falcoholic
Who will shine for the Falcons in this Super Bowl?

Falcons defense vs. Patriots offense: who wins? - The Falcoholic
Facing their toughest test of the season, the Falcons defense has a major opportunity. Will they capitalize on it? Maybe...

Super Bowl LI: What to look for when you’re looking at the New England Patriots - The Falcoholic
The enemy! Who are they?

Patriots dealing with injuries to defensive tackles heading into Super Bowl LI - The Falcoholic
It’s not going to sink this team, but it’s something to watch against the Falcons’ potent ground attack.

Falcons vs. Patriots Super Bowl: Biggest storylines - The Falcoholic
A list of the biggest storylines heading into Sunday. The superstar quarterbacks, Julio Jones, and secondary is featured.

Reiss: WR Michael Floyd wants to return to Patriots in 2017 - Pats Pulpit
The Patriots receiver wants a chance to revitalize his career.

Super Bowl LI Patriots vs Falcons film review: Atlanta’s run defense struggles against stretch plays - Pats Pulpit
If the Patriots want to slow down the Falcons’ offense, running the ball might be the way to go.

2017 Super Bowl: Patriots aren’t forgetting about the Falcons tight ends - Pats Pulpit
Lost in the Atlanta offense is the success of the Falcons tight ends.

Super Bowl LI: Patriots should push the tempo early - Pats Pulpit
The Patriots should try to exploit the Falcons defense with no-huddle early in the game to counter their defensive line rotations and establish the lead early before hammering them with LeGarrette...

Patriots offensive assistant Cole Popovich is a library for the offensive linemen - Pats Pulpit
The Patriots have their heir to offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia.

Jason La Canfora: Chicago Bears to make a heavy push for Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo - Pats Pulpit
Are the stars aligned for a Garoppolo homecoming?

Roger Goodell holds Super Bowl press conference, creates alternate reality - Pats Pulpit
The NFL Commissioner has a way with words.

Reminder: Contrary to narratives, DeflateGate won't be over after the Super Bowl - Pats Pulpit
Even if the Patriots are able to win a fifth Lombardi trophy this weekend, the DeflateGate penalties will still sting the Patriots in the 2017 season.