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Michael Floyd does not understand why Arizona Cardinals fans are not excited for him

The former Cardinals wide receiver doesn’t understand why people are upset with him.

NFL: New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

For some guys, it is hard to understand why they are not liked.

For Michael Floyd, it seems to be tough to understand why Arizona Cardinals fans are not happy to see Floyd win a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots.

Floyd took to Twitter to espouse his disbelief:

For many, it wasn’t that Floyd is a champion, it is that he had to do it on the bench after drinking his way off a team that gave him every opportunity to be a star.

It also comes from the fact that many are Arizona Cardinals fans that want nothing more than to see Larry Fitzgerald win a Super Bowl ring.

They also don’t like the fact that Michael Floyd drank his way to a Super Bowl ring, after he threw up all over himself in a make or break contract year with the Arizona Cardinals.

Should Arizona Cardinals fans be mad? Maybe not, but should Floyd be bragging about his accomplishment?