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Jarvis Jones meeting with Arizona Cardinals

The former 1st round pick is meeting with the Arizona Cardinals today.

NFL: AFC Divisional-Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a relatively quiet free agency period for the Arizona Cardinals. Outside of losing five starters on defense, the Cardinals have only signed three new players to contracts, as well as retaining four of their own free agents.

Well, an interesting rumor just popped up via Adam Schefter, as he says the Arizona Cardinals will be meeting with former first round pick Jarvis Jones, formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers:

If Jones is on his way to meet with Arizona, it means that the Cardinals have not come to an agreement with Alex Okafor, one of their own free agents, on a potential contract extension and the Cardinals are looking to move to another third outside linebacker.

Okafor was a good fit for the Cardinals as a backup pass rusher and outside linebacker, subbing in in the Cardinals “speed” package that saw Okafor join Chandler Jones and Markus along with the now departed Calais Campbell.

Could the Cardinals see Jones as an upgrade to Okafor?

That would be tough to say, Jones has six career sacks, yes only six, while Okafor has double that, despite missing an entire season.

Jones is also a much smaller player than Okafor, so it is yet to be seen how he would fit in, but know, the Arizona Cardinals are still trying to make moves.