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Andre Ellington to be used at wide receiver in return to Arizona Cardinals

Something talked about before, the Arizona Cardinals will use Andre Ellington at wide receiver in 2017.

Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

One thing that happens as you spend time around a team is you begin to understand and identify potential changes.

Jess Root has been covering the Arizona Cardinals for quite a bit of time and that has helped him hone his insights, one of which we discussed on the Rise Up, See Red Arizona Cardinals podcast.

During our conversations, Jess mentioned he could see the Cardinals bringing back Andre Ellington as a wide receiver more than as a running back.

Well, now we know, that is true:

It makes sense for the Cardinals and Ellington.

They want to get him the ball, they need to get him the ball in space as opposed to working him out of the backfield and, quite frankly, he has shown that is his best use.

It also could make him a viable candidate to return in 2018 and beyond if he works out in that role.

He has a knack for big plays, he has an ability to be useful, it is time for Andre Ellington to fulfill his potential.