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What Is Arizona's Plan With Their Remaining Cap Space?

Thus far, the Cardinals have been very prudent with their funds in free agency. With almost $19 million in space remaining, what is the team's plan going forward?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The best teams are built through the draft, not free agency.

This is a popular phrase that we hear uttered constantly, and for the most part, it rings true. The teams that are consistently the best in the NFL -- the Packers, Patriots, etc. -- are teams that normally don't make big splashes in the free agent market. There are outliers of course, such as the Denver Broncos most recently, but the infrastructure and core of the team should usually be created through drafting.

The Arizona Cardinals, given their current situation, can't afford to go that route. With an aging team that wants to give it one more run towards a ring, the Cardinals need to find quick ways to fill holes in their roster. That's where free agency comes in.

So far, the Cards have signed a couple of stopgap players in Antoine Bethea, Karlos Dansby and Phil Dawson. But if they want to compete, there are still significant holes that need addressing such as cornerback, offensive line, defensive line, etc.

Luckily enough, the team still has over $18.7 million in cap space room, according to That is enough room to sign 2-4 quality free agents while still having enough room to sign the incoming draft class as well.

So the question is -- why haven't they used that space yet?

As long time Cardinals fans know, Keim usually likes to let the big time free agents that will command high dollar amounts go elsewhere. We saw that with the team's own players in Tony Jefferson and Calais Campbell. Once the market sifts through those players, the result is often young players looking to regain value by signing one year deals with teams. We have also seen many of those players sign, such as Alshon Jeffery or Chance Warmack.

So what is the plan here? Sure, there are still good players out there that may be willing to sign for less than what they were asking for just a week ago. And the draft will help in filling some of those holes, but given the team's goals this year, signing a veteran might be a better route to take.

What do you think, Cards fans? Are you getting anxious/nervous waiting for the team to make bigger moves in free agency? Or will it all sort itself out given more time?