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Arizona Cardinals Bruce Arians, Michael Bidwill take visit with Patrick Mahomes II

The Arizona Cardinals sent the big bosses out to check out the potential franchise quarterback

NCAA Football: Baylor vs Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a large section of Arizona Cardinals fans that have been waiting for this news to come down, and it appears there Arizona Cardinals are doing their homework to find their quarterback of the future.

Many within the fan base have been waiting for one player to come up on the radar and today we have confirmation that the Cardinals entire decision making staff took a trip to check out the one and only Patrick Mahomes II.

Mahomes has become the buzz name amongst quarterbacks, but our very own Chad Dinkins wrote that Mahomes was as good as any other quarterback in this draft as far back November.

The love of Mahomes and his fit in Arizona has become quite the topic of conversation, as many think the Texas Tech gunslingers best fit in the NFL is with the Arizona Cardinals very own Bruce Arians.

While many in the community, myself included, would love to see Mahomes in Arizona, ultimately it comes down to what Arians and Bidwill see.

For more analysis on Mahomes, check out our own @blakemurphy7’s statistical breakdown on him and the top quarterbacks in the 2017 draft class.

We will know on April 27th what they thought if they pass on Mahomes and let another team take him.

Yet, we have also know when the big boss gets involved, especially with a position like quarterback, there is likely enough on film to make the link.

Now, we wait and see if the personalities click.