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2017 Arizona Cardinals 4 Round Mock Draft

The Arizona Cardinals miss on quarterbacks, but get defensive help early and add offense late.

NCAA Football: Washington at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

After the big news of yesterday, where the Arizona Cardinals sent their top decision makers to check out Patrick Mahomes II in a private workout, it seems like a good time to drop the newest mock draft.

The idea was to get Mahomes, but what happens when a team, the Cleveland Browns, take him at 12?

Let’s get started:

This makes the decision fairly easy to me, but maybe someone else has a different idea.

Round 1 Pick 13: Haason Reddick, LB Temple

Reddick is the hot draft name, in fact, Justin and I mocked him 11th overall to the New Orleans Saints in our mock draft. They took Adams, which made Reddick available.

I think Reddick’s game lends itself to learning from the extremely talented and versatile Karlos Dansby, who can tutor a player with a similar skill set.

In round two, you see the risk you run in passing on a Trubisky, who was available at pick 13.

Now though, the Cardinals can continue to address their defense:

Round 2 Pick 45: Budda Baker, S Washington

Baker may seem a bit redundant when you have Tyrann Mathieu, but having two dynamic playmakers on defense is better than one... right?

Baker is maybe my favorite safety in this draft, he is a complete playmaker on defense, he gives the Cardinals another safety and more flexibility in the backend of their defense.

The board sets up really nicely for the Cardinals in round three. What happens is that you have to decide between an injured player versus a player who can make an impact this year.

Round 3 Pick 77: Bucky Hodges, TE Virginia Tech

Hello athletic freak at tight end. Hodges is a fierce blocker with the athletic ability to make plays in the passing game.

I had an idea towards the offensive line and JuJu, but this came down to value and I love the value Hodges presents.

This is why you can take a player like Hodges in round three, because of the talent on the board in the fourth.

Round 4 Pick 120: Nico Siragusa, OG San Diego State

What a draft here for the Cardinals, ending with an offensive lineman that can potentially be a starter moving forward?

Siragusa is a power player and makes the Cardinals future even more geared towards running.

What this work shows you is that finding a quarterback may be a round one or two only type of option, if they don’t get one early, it may be an issue to find one.

However, if quarterbacks go early, it could push down talent that hits not just immediate need, but puts you in a position to make tough decisions down the road.