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How important is another corner for the Arizona Cardinals?

Do the Arizona Cardinals need to continue to address the cornerback position?

NFL: New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The idea of player development is an intriguing one.

There are a number of levels to it:

  1. How long do you give a player to develop?
  2. What should expectations be?
  3. When do you address a position during that development?
  4. When do you just cut bait?

The Arizona Cardinals have hit on that idea of developing talent, Tony Jefferson developed into one of the highest paid safeties in the NFL over his four years in Arizona, but he also showed flashes from the beginning. They also have shown an ability to read when cutting bait was right: Logan... Thomas.

However, neither Jefferson or Thomas were heavy investments.

Enter Justin Bethel and Brandon Williams.

Bethel was paid not like a top special teams player in the league, but like a low end cornerback two. The expectation: Develop into that corner two.

Williams was drafted in the third round, a round many expect to get a starter, or at least a player that can “develop” quickly.

Now, the question has become, how early do the Cardinals draft a corner in 2017?

Is that too soon? Is expecting the Cardinals to continue to invest in the same position really the best management of assets?

Don’t get me wrong, you can never have enough corners, but we are not talking about depth or needing to develop a young player for one that is about to leave (see Humphires, D.J.). Instead, this is about getting another young player to take over for one that has not developed in the time fans, probably management, expected. Yet, can you just give up and invest again?

What do you think?

Do the Cardinals have to get a cornerback, or is the health of Bethel and supposed development of Williams enough for 2017?