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Mitch Trubisky on Steve Keim's short list.

Wait... What? How did Keim's list get out?

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Well, it's always fun during the offseason, that's for sure.

After a week full of visits, meetings, flights and more we get one more 2017 NFL Draft nugget, this one regarding the quarterbacks.

Let's remember, this is all that matters in the end, do the Arizona Cardinals take a QB at 13.

Oh sure, if they don't the other player will matter, but for now, talking about Corey Davis or Jabrill Peppers or Malik Hooker isn't nearly as interesting as trying to figure out what Arizona thinks of these quarterbacks.

Allegedly now, Steve Keim has had his eyes on Mitchell Trubisky for “some time”.

From Dan Bickley, “Trubisky has been on Keim’s short list for some time,”.

If that is true, how would that get out? That seems weirdly important information that Mitch Trubisky is on the Cardinals short list.

What does short list mean? Short list of quarterbacks that the Cardinals want to look at, study closer, get to know?

This is all so damn exciting.