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New rules, new locations and new positions on the Arizona Cardinals

A look around the web on the Arizona Cardinals.

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Happy Wednesday one and all.

The Arizona Cardinals have been busy in the news... Except in making moves, which is fine.

We already figured that they would be waiting until the draft passes and they can pick up players without fear of losing their abundance of comp picks.

Leaping Block Attempts Banned By NFL
Play that hurt Cardinals a season ago one of eight rule changes for 2017.

Cardinals Blogs | Potential ejections on “egregious” hits

Leaping rule that irked Arizona Cardinals' Bruce Arians now illegal - Arizona Cardinals Blog- ESPN
NFL owners passed a rule Tuesday at their annual meetings that will make leaping over the long-snapper on field goals and extra points illegal.

Opinions vary on how Raiders' move to Las Vegas will affect Cardinals - Arizona Cardinals Blog- ESPN
The Raiders are unlikely to pull from much of the Cardinals' fanbase, but their presence in a domed stadium may take major events away from Phoenix.

San Francisco 49ers most improved in NFC West after free agency - NFL Nation- ESPN
The NFC West didn't wow in free agency, but the 49ers made the most changes and upgraded at more spots than the other teams in the division.

New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers lead 2017 NFL Power Rankings post-free agency
Is New England poised to repeat? Will Atlanta's defensive additions pay off? Did Green Bay really sign two TEs? Here's how our experts ranked the NFL following a flurry of free-agent activity.

Arians: We look for QBs every year, had some taken right ahead of us
Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said the Cardinals look to draft a quarterback every year, but have had some candidates taken right ahead of them.

Dealing Cards: Veldheer healthy, learning to play on right side
Jared Veldheer signed with the Arizona Cardinals to be their left tackle, and since 2014, that has been the position he has played for the team.

Cardinals to work out Arizona Wildcats' Paul Magloire
The Cardinals are going to take a closer look at Paul Magloire, who played a hybrid linebacker/safety role for the Arizona Wildcats.

NFL owners revamp video replay for officiating, change leaping rule
Referees will now watch replays on the field using tablets, eliminating "going under the hood'' to the watch on television monitors.

WATCH: Bruce Arians, Joe Maddon talk about coaching, practicing, life | Cards Wire
Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians and Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon are friends. Maddon is a big Cardinals fan. The two had a drink and talked about practicing, resting, coaching and fundamentals. 12 News' Cameron Cox showed the conversation. https://www.facebook.

Despite free agent losses, Cardinals stand pat in latest power rankings | Cards Wire
Their many starters leaving in free agency do not move them at all in ESPN's latest power rankings.

Bruce Arians says football is ‘suffering’ from practice restrictions in current CBA | Cards Wire
The Cardinals coach says the lack of practices in pads is the cause for bad tackling and limits the teaching coaches can do.

David Johnson wants to be like Chandler Jones | Cards Wire
He wants to be like 'the franchise man.'

Former Cardinal critical of Raiders’ move to Las Vegas | Cards Wire
Rich Ohrnberger believes the move to Vegas is a disaster.