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Arizona Cardinals would like Marcus Cooper back, but he is going to get paid

The cap strapped Arizona Cardinals may not be able to keep Marcus Cooper.

New Orleans Saints v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

In the 2017 free agency period, money is going to be flying around, which will be a problem for the Arizona Cardinals.

The issue?

Well, with a little over $17 million in cap space, the Cardinals have some holes to fill, inside linebacker, wide receiver, interior offensive line and of course, cornerback.

Marcus Cooper did not grade well from Pro Football Focus or B/R 1000, but he still was a Pro Bowl alternate, which means he will get paid like one.

While Somers scoffed at the idea that a Pro Bowl alternate nod would have some affect on the type of contract Cooper may be offered, it is likely a partial reality.

While the film grades may disagree, someone watching thought enough of the season for Cooper to get that nomination.

Which also means someone, in a league desperate for adequate cornerback play, will be willing to pay him.

With the Cardinals salary cap situation, even going up to $5 million a season would be putting a player like Cooper out of reach for the Cardinals in 2017.

This offseason, it is going to be a hell of a ride.