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The Arizona Cardinals have ammo to move up in 2017 NFL Draft

Bruce Arians said the Cardinals comp picks for 2018 could make trading up in 2017 easier.

New York Jets v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

For the 2017 NFL Draft there is a lot to like and for the Arizona Cardinals that means, maybe picking at 13, 45, 77, 120, 157, 179, 197 or 231 isn’t picking high enough.

In his coaches breakfast meeting with the media, Arians talked about the 2018 compensatory picks the Arizona Cardinals may receive as being reason for being able to trade up in 2017.

Now the fun part... What or who could the Arizona Cardinals have their eye on to trade up?

I am of the belief that the Cardinals may want to still attack their 13th pick and then use their new found extra picks to move back into round one to grab a quarterback... DeShone Kizer or Davis Webb?

Now, I am not saying I would advocate for either player, Kizer I would, but if the Cardinals are going to invest in a quarterback, getting one with a fifth year rookie option at the end of round one over waiting til 45.

Now, if the Cardinals moved up, it would likely cost them a 2017 2nd and 4th... Or a 2017 2nd and 2018 3rd. The general rule of thumb is you have to give up a round higher pick if you want to delay that pick for a year.

If the Cardinals took a Haason Reddick/Reuben Foster/Malik Hooker/Malik McDowell at 13 then came back and DeShone Kizer at 28-32, would that make you feel better than “reaching” at 13 for a quarterback?