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The Arizona Cardinals have been ready to take a quarterback in multiple drafts

The Cardinals have not landed a quarterback in a draft, but not for lack of trying.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Over the last couple of seasons the Arizona Cardinals have been in the hunt for a quarterback.

However, it has just not landed that way for them.

According to Bruce Arians, at his NFL head coaches meeting breakfast, the Cardinals had names on cards the last couple of drafts:

Going back to 2014, I know and it was confirmed on an ESPN Path to the Draft special that the Arizona Cardinals wanted Blake Bortles.

Bortles shockingly went to the Jacksonville Jaguars third overall and the Cardinals never even had the chance.

It was said to me, this is the part that we will never know if true, that the Cardinals were going to make a move up from 20 if Bortles made it past the Minnesota Vikings pick at eight.


However, the Cardinals did not pick Derek Carr, who could end up being one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL soon. Whoops.

In 2015, the Cardinals picked 24th and Arians didn’t say many flattering things about the quarterbacks, but maybe that was a play to get Marcus Mariota to fall?

When you look at the rest of the draft, Garrett Grayson was picked 75th... Could the Cardinals have wanted Grayson over the best player on their team, David Johnson?

It couldn’t have been Sean Mannion, since he was taken 89 after the Cardinals picked at 86.

Bryce Petty went 103, the Cardinals picked 123 and traded up to 116... So..?

The Cardinals picked at 158 and 159, Brett Hundley went 147, so they could have traded both picks if they wanted that player, so that is doubtful.

Trevor Siemian went 250, the Cardinals picked 256. That could make sense.

In 2016, Arians compared Carson Wentz to Blake Bortles, which would make sense that the Cardinals head coach would like him, however picked at 26 by the Denver Broncos, who traded up to get him, was Paxton Lynch, who Arians compared to Carson Palmer. That seems to make sense that the Cardinals had Lynch on the card.

Jacoby Brissett went exactly one pick before the Cardinals, with the New England Patriots taking the North Carolina State product, which means the Cardinals likely had his name on the card, if he is one of those quarterbacks.

The Cardinals passed on Dak Prescott for Evan Boehm.

Kevin Hogan went at pick 167, the Cardinals picked Rams safety Marqui Christian at 167.

Nate Sudfeld, Jake Rudock and Brandon Allen all were drafted before the Cardinals picked Harlan Miller at 205.

Brett Hundley, Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch and Jacoby Brissett seem to be the most likely names on quarterbacks.