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Brandin Cooks is available, should the Arizona Cardinals be interested?

Would you want a wide receiver with the first round pick if you knew he was good?

New Orleans Saints v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With the offseason roaring, the trade rumors are starting up.

While none involve the Arizona Cardinals yet, one name that is appearing on the market is super interesting and begs the question, how much is proven young talent worth?

The New Orleans Saints are allegedly shopping Brandin Cooks, the dynamic wide receiver who has posted great numbers the last two years.

If a team were to trade for him they'd have two years of a cost controlled, high impact player at the wide receiver position.

The cost, allegedly, is a first round pick.

The begs the question, if the Arizona Cardinals were going to draft a wide receiver at 13, wouldn't Cooks be worth the 13th pick over an unknown commodity to the NFL?

When you look at Cooks, he is an obvious duplicate to what John Brown can do, but he is healthy… which is the most important aspect of any player's abilities.

Cooks would bring an immediate upgrade with only a shallow learning curve, learning Bruce Arians offense, as opposed to any rookie that is available.

He also has produced, at a great level, which is something you can't say about any prospect.

It also guarantees you a wide receiver, if you are hell bent on that being the pick.

Would I do it? If the Cardinals are serious about drafting a wide receiver, I'd rather get a player of Cooks ilk for at least two seasons than gamble in the draft.

In the same breathe though, wide receiver, the position, is one that great production can be found throughout the draft. So I'd never advise, unless you have only a few holes elsewhere, to draft a receiver in round one.

Would you rather have Cooks or one of the rookie wide receivers at 13 if they were drafting a WR?

I do think that is an interesting question.