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The week that was, on Revenge of the Birds

All the best from the last week of Revenge of the Birds.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

While the week has been fruitful, welcome back Chandler Jones, and informative, thanks Justin, there was much, much more from the rest of site, in case you missed it, here is a recap from the week.

Washington Redskins plan on going after Calais Campbell in free agency - Revenge of the Birds
The Arizona Cardinals will have plenty of competition for the veterans services.

Steve Keim has found some diamonds in the rough, but there are a number of small school duds out there too - Revenge of the Birds
A look at the impact of small school prospects and how Steve Keim has to wade through the players.

Arizona Cardinals franchise Chandler Jones - Revenge of the Birds
The Arizona Cardinals will be paying quite a bit of money to their star pass rusher in 2017.

Pro Football Focus names 4 perfect and realistic free agents for the Cardinals - Revenge of the Birds
Players that could help the Arizona Cardinals get over the hump in 2017.

2017 NFL Combine Preview: Is Myles Garrett going to disappoint? - Revenge of the Birds
An in depth look at the numbers that matter for the NFL Combine.

Arizona Cardinals Potential Free Agent Target: John Jerry - Revenge of the Birds
Would the veteran guard make sense for the Arizona Cardinals?

Bruce Arians and Steve Keim sound off in NFL Combine presser - Revenge of the Birds
Check out what Arians and Keim had to say on the draft and the Arizona Cardinals.

Peter King does not understand the backlash on Jay Cutler to the Arizona Cardinals... Neither do I - Revenge of the Birds
King talked about Cutler and the Arizona Cardinals and people lost their minds.

Arians: “There’s about 4-5 good arms in this draft” - Revenge of the Birds
While speaking at the NFL Combine today, Bruce Arians addressed the Quarterback position, saying that he does see some promise in this year’s class but needs to know if they had the rest of the...

The Reason Franchise Tagging Chandler Jones Makes Sense - Revenge of the Birds
The Arizona Cardinals will be entering this year with a sort of "do or die" approach. Keeping Chandler Jones on a one year contract for this final hoorah makes sense.

2017 NFL Combine Preview: Predicting the Winners and Losers - Revenge of the Birds
A look behind the testing numbers and who will shine and who will disappoint.

Mike Mayock thinks Davis Webb could be an option for the Arizona Cardinals - Revenge of the Birds
The NFL Network’s draft guy has an idea about the Arizona Cardinals third round pick.

Arizona Cardinals would like Marcus Cooper back, but he is going to get paid - Revenge of the Birds
The cap strapped Arizona Cardinals may not be able to keep Marcus Cooper.