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Tony Jefferson could get $10 million a year per report

Wait... What?!?!

Washington Redskins v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

With the NFL salary cap going up every year in an exponential way, it is no surprise we have seen giant numbers floating around on NFL free agents.

Yet, for positions like safety, the numbers we have seen are big, but not over inflated... Until today.

In a tweet that was sent out this morning, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports made an interesting observation regarding free agent Tony Jefferson's potential yearly contract number:

Ten... Million... Dollars... A... Year?

First, Tony Jefferson deserves whatever he is paid by any team. Dude could have just rolled over and quit after being undrafted, but he did not. He did not put his head down after getting zero interest in his first free agency foray.

No, Jefferson just worked harder and harder and progressed as a player each season.

Second, there is no way in hell I am paying any safety not named Earl Thomas or Eric Weddle in their prime $10 million a season.

These contracts are about to get weird, let's enjoy this.