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Should the Arizona Cardinals pursue Torrey Smith in free agency?

The 49ers release Torrey Smith, could he be a fit for the Arizona Cardinals?

San Francisco 49ers v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The free agency period begins soon and the Arizona Cardinals need to find some players that can help them.

One player that is an interesting name to keep in the back your mind is Torrey Smith, the former Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers wide receiver.

From Niners Nation:

The 49ers released Smith after two years of his five-year contract. The move comes as part of what will likely be a significant roster overhaul. Smith had a pretty bad two seasons in San Francisco, thanks primarily to the fact that the 49ers had questionable QB play.

I think Smith still has plenty left in the tank, but he needs the right kind of situation. He is a strong deep threat, although he still has somewhat shaky hands. He is best suited as a 1a or 2 receiver. He can take over a game with his speed, but you need a consistent possession receiver, or if you’re lucky enough a generally strong No. 1 receiver starting opposite him. He is not going to make a mediocre or bad quarterback good, but with a solid QB (see Flacco, Joe), he can be a very dangerous weapon. Considering how the past two years went for the 49ers, there is absolutely zero surprise that he proved to be a waste of money.

Smith is a solid locker room guy, who was plenty willing to stand before the media when things were going bad. He was a little pouty at times on the sideline, but it’s hard to blame him given how awful the 49ers were.

While the Cardinals may need a strong wide receiver, those are going to be fairly expensive in free agency.

With Larry Fitzgerald likely being close to retirement, Smith could be a nice one year rental, insurance for John Brown, but I don’t know if he is a long term fit.

What do you think?

If the Cardinals could get Smith for one year at $4-5 million, would you be interested?