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Chandler Jones projected salary is eye popping

Jones is about to get paid.

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals could be working on a deal with Chandler Jones right now, or they could be waiting, going "All In" in 2017 and then deciding if Jones is the right building block.

According to Joel Corry of CBS Sports, Jones' contract should be more than anyone could have expected, at least on here:

Contract package: $91.25 million / 5 years

Overall guarantees: $55 million

Fully guaranteed at signing: $43 million

First three years: $57.25 million

Over $18 million a year for Jones, over $19 million the first three seasons?


If the Cardinals do not, Corry has another interesting take on the Jones contract:

Jones filing a grievance over his franchise tag position should be explored since the linebacker number is $14.55 million while the defensive end figure is $16.934 million. Franchise tags are determined by the position where the player participated in the most plays during the prior season.

This offseason is going to be fun, especially for Jones, who may be getting paid an absurd amount of money soon.