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Chandler Jones to get $50 million guaranteed in new deal with Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals pass rusher is getting paid.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Well, cross one item off the Arizona Cardinals to do list.

While it has not been officially announced yet, the Arizona Cardinals and Chandler Jones are closing in on a five year $83-84 million deal that will include $50 million in guaranteed money.

In other words: Jones got paid.

Which makes sense. Over the last two seasons, only Von Miller (24) and Khalil Mack (26), maybe the best two pure edge rushers in the NFL have more sacks than Jones' 23.5 sacks.

It would make sense that Jones signs a contract that is about two million less a season than Miller, but the fact that Jones accepted $50 million in a guaranteed money is surprising.

It is especially surprising when Olivier Vernon got $2.5 million more in guarantees as well, although none of the figures are finalized yet on the Jones deal.

While almost $17 million a season sounds like a lot, the overall numbers look to heavily favor the Cardinals if Jones continues to produce like he has.

That is a great start to free agency for Steve Keim and the Arizona Cardinals.