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Steve Keim has work to do this offseason

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2017 NFL Free Agency period kicking off today at 10 am Arizona time I thought it was finally time to post this article.

You see, the Arizona Cardinals are in a precarious position within their franchise, coming off their worst season in the Steve Keim/Bruce Arians tenure, with little money and losing a bevy of productive starters, the questions are abound.

The questions are also good to ask. Since Keim took over he has hit a good percentage, his biggest misses coming in the draft thus far, but those haven't cost the team much, until 2016.

Now though, with free agency hours away, we will see exactly what kind of GM Keim truly is.

No money, a bevy of holes to fill and draft picks that need to perform finally.

It is all on Steve Keim now to build the Arizona Cardinals through this weird period they are in.

They can’t be in a rebuild since they have Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald on the roster still, but they certainly need an overhaul of talent at a lot of positions.

2013 saw Keim get the Cardinals off to a fast start in his tenure. With that, he set the bar incredibly high for himself.

Now, can he continue to build on that success?

It should be interesting to watch.