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Arizona Cardinals fans ridicule mock draft... They created

No matter what picks you make, no one is happy with mock drafts.

Arizona Cardinals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

With the NFL Draft around the corner, mock drafts are all the rage... And by rage I do mean, rage inducing.

So much so, that fans forget when they write a mock draft and have started to ridicule their own picks.

Oh sure, mocking a corner to the Cardinals is what everyone wants... Wait, no, not that cornerback! The other one, the good one.

The Cardinals need to draft a quarterback... Not that one! Not with that pick, they need to wait until the second round and get a quarterback. No, they need to trade back from 13 and pick up extra picks and take a quarterback, no wait!

Often times, the fans forget that they ridiculed the ideas that they soon lauded as great on draft days when the management group made the final picks.

In the end, all fans will have the idea of what they think is best for the team, but forget what they said come the weekend of April 29th and fall in line with what actually happened.

Happy April Fools Day.