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Did Bruce Arians read Revenge of the Birds?

If Gambo is right, Arians comments go against a large segment of fans.

Navy v Notre Dame Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

While the title is clearly hyperbole for today, happy April Fool’s Day, it is interesting to think how differently Bruce Arians sees these prospects compared to... Well, us.

Now, I have stated that my QB rankings are:

Deshaun Watson
DeShone Kizer
Patrick Mahomes

Yet, that is not specific for the Cardinals, but overall, however I would never have guessed what Gambo reported/speculate/spoke about on Arizona Sports 98.7FM:

“Arians loves Kizer,” Gambadoro said on the air. “There are a lot of quarterback they like, but the guys he’s talking about who’s the most ready to step in and play right now is DeShone Kizer.”

Kizer would have honestly been the last of the top three, for me, to say this about, but Arians has a type and Kizer is the only one that really fits that size/movement/arm profile that he loves so much.

While Mahomes is probably my favorite QB for 13 and Watson is my favorite QB, I have always believed that Kizer’s upside was highest. He reminds me of Donovan McNabb and could be a really good player for a long time.

Of course... “Sauces”.