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April Fools: Bruce Arians Visits Kangol Fashion Day

Will the Cardinals consider selecting a cap at 13 overall?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians has always had an eye for two things: Quarterbacks and fashion.

At nearly all times off the field, the coach can be found wearing his infamous cap to go along with his blunt personality and suave style. He has even caught the eye of fashion elites:

Recently, Arians reportedly showed up to a recent Kangol fashion show in New York City, to get a glimpse of some of this year’s top models in the Spring 2017 collection.

“There’s about 5 or 6 good hats in this year’s draft” Arians said. “Caps with good design and stature. What we need to find out is if there are 5 or 6 good Kangols.”

Over the last two years, Arians has selected hats with “wearable upside” that “weren’t ready for game day” that ended up in his closet for a whole year before being worn. Many Cardinals fans would prefer that Arians select an impact Kangol this year that would be game day ready from the get-go.

Arians rocking a black kangol

This year, some of the top caps available at 13 could be the Conduit Stripe 507, as well as the White Tropic 504 kangol, which is considered a “hard worker” with “sneaky athleticism”.

If the Cardinals and Arians do pass on the white Kangol, it’s a given that Bill Belichick and the Patriots probably could make it a star in their system.

“With quarterbacks, the hardest thing to grade is the head and the heart. With selecting my Kangols, it’s all about the thread and the parts” Arians said in closing.

If you love Bruce Arians’ hats, you can help charity and support the Arians Foundation Family foundation by purchasing one of their hats here on the Cardinals Shop website.

It’s a great charity that gives back and I highly recommend getting involved.

You can also donate directly and get involved through visiting this link as well.

*Note we were not sponsored by Kangol for this article

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