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The Arizona Cardinals need to find a quarterback in the NFL Draft... Soon

Maybe not in 2017, but the veterans need to stop and a decade long option needs to be found.

Belk Bowl - Arkansas v Virginia Tech Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

What has become the biggest fight among Arizona Cardinals in the 2017 off season is whether or not the Cardinals should draft a quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft.

To be completely honest, I don’t know the answer. As I said on the podcast, there are two I would take at 13: DeShone Kizer and Patrick Mahomes II and one developmental guy I really like in Jerod Evans.

The reality is the draft is always the best place to find a quarterback, going back the last 25 Super Bowls:

2015 Denver Broncos
2010 New Orleans Saints
2003 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2001 Baltimore Ravens
2000 St. Louis Rams*
1995 San Francisco 49ers

Those are your Super Bowl winners not drafting a quarterback. It is important to invest in a quarterback in the NFL draft.

However, you have to hit on that quarterback, which is the question at hand: Is there a quarterback in 2017 NFL Draft that can be... “The Guy”.

People confuse being Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning for being the only way to find a franchise quarterback. Can you find an Eli? Big Ben? Joe Flacco? Can you find a player that keeps you competitive, can get hot, and go on a run with?

Hell, the Cardinals found it twice in veterans Kurt Warner and Carson Palmer, the only problem with that is, you have a short window. You want a player that can keep you relevant for a decade, not three seasons.

That’s the goal, now the question is... Can any of these players be, “The Guy”.