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2017 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals offensive prospects to know

Rise Up, See Red and listen to the newest Arizona Cardinals podcast on the 2017 NFL Draft.

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With the 2017 NFL Draft just around the corner the Arizona Cardinals and the coverage of the team is ratcheting up... Also, it is basically done.

There is not much more to cover in terms of the first round, we have run through most of the scenarios, we know the names, the players, the positions, and the alleged desire to trade down.

Last week, Jess and I discussed the quarterbacks.

I explained why I thought either DeShone Kizer or Patrick Mahomes II make sense at 13, why Jerod Evans is my favorite developmental quarterback and Josh Dobbs is one to keep an eye on.

This episode, every other position.

You see, the quarterback conundrum is so important it gets its own episode, while the rest of the offense, players to know, players that fit, players that make sense get shared in one episode.

I talk about why O.J. Howard still makes sense to me, the “bigger” wide receivers that could fit with the Arizona Cardinals for the post Larry Fitzgerald era, what running backs can mimic David Johnson and some names to know along the offensive line.

Also, I love Lamp.

All of that and more on the latest Rise Up, See Red Arizona Cardinals podcast.