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Reuben Foster rotator cuff not healed at combine re-check, may need another surgery

Could this be a deal breaker for the Arizona Cardinals?

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One of the various arguments we have seen over the past couple of months on the Arizona Cardinals 2017 NFL Draft picks is that they need an “impact player” at 13.

What that meant to many was a player that could come in and contribute from the get go.

Many felt that one of those players was Reuben Foster.

Despite having to have surgery on his shoulder in February, not being able to test, getting removed from the Scouting Combine because of an incident with a doctor and being sub 230lbs, many felt that he was still one of those talents.

Now, it is being reported that his combine medical re-check did not reveal that the surgery did the trick for Foster.

Now what?

Does this change your stance on Foster as a prospect?

Will the uncertainty of his 2017 season be something that changes your opinion of him?

If you were high on him before, this should not change anything, despite the medical red flags that we have known about.

However, if you were expecting him to make a contribution in 2017... Well, does this cross him off your list?

Lawson was taken in the top 20 and played 237 snaps as a rookie in 2016, not playing in his first game until week 7 of the NFL season. Is that something you’d be fine with for Foster?