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Quotes and reactions from the Cardinals Offseason workouts

The Cardinals began their offseason workouts on Monday.

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Cardinals began their voluntary offseason workouts on Monday. They were one of 28 teams to begin their strength and conditioning programs.

With workouts only being voluntary, the team had a strong turnout on day one of their offseason work, as a number of key veterans made sure the Cardinals had most of their roster at the facility early.

During DJ Humphries session with reporters, he told the media that Jared Veldheer made sure that all the offensive linemen were there at the 630 AM workout session, so unit could begin to gel together. Humphries was not going to pass it up.

While there was little question about it, Veldheer appears to have taken the move from left to right Tackle in stride, and is still being a leader on an offensive line that will need to gel in order to keep 37 year old Carson Palmer off the ground more.

Humphries went on to talk about how the workouts really are not optional:

Humphries appears to have turned into quite a hard worker, after being called lazy and earning the nickname “Knee Deep” his rookie season two years ago.

Patrick Peterson was impressed with the number of players who showed up early for their workouts.

While the number of attendees impressed Peterson, there was also a few missing individuals. Players like Calais Campbell and Tony Jefferson, both who likely would have been there today, if they were still with the team.

But for both Peterson and David Johnson, the workouts now are a chance for the team to correct the little things that went wrong in 2016.

For now, the players can only work with Strength and Conditioning coach Buddy Morris and his staff. They will have an opportunity to talk with Arians and all the positional coaches, but cannot go into any Football talk until May 1st, when the team will be allowed onto the practice field.

There’s finally a little bit on Non-Draft talk, and while it doesn’t permanently fix our Football needs, it gives us a little bit of relief until June.

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