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Arizona Cardinals set to work out DeShone Kizer... Again.

The Cardinals and Notre Dame signal caller are getting together again.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Syracuse Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

When you decide to get into a relationship, you usually have dated a little bit to know how you click personality wise.

If you don't you run the risk of being caught off guard or surprised when you get into that relationship.

Apparently deciding whether or not to draft a quarterback is the same process.

The Arizona Cardinals have been dating around and getting a feeling for all the quarterbacks in the 2017 class, none moreso than DeShone Kizer.

Kizer has am abundance of natural talent, in Justin's QB Big Board later today, he outlines why on the field Kizer is the best quarterback prospect in this draft.

Yet, this process for the Arizona Cardinals is about so much more than just on the field.

They need to know if Kizer is the guy to lead their franchise, head coach Bruce Arians is trying to decide if he wants to hitch the rest of his career as an NFL head coach to Kizer, because an investment at 13 is likely the last big splash Arians will get based on his age and how drafting the wrong QB basically is a death knell for your coaching tenure, fair or not.

That's why the Arizona Cardinals are meeting with Kizer for a third time. They likely have him some homework last meeting and now Bruce Arians wants to see if he not only studied, but retained the information.

The Cardinals did similar with Cardale Jones last year, meeting with the Ohio State quarterback several times, clearly he did not pass the test.

We won't know til draft day if Kizer does, but the time the Cardinals are spending shows you, they are ready to take that leap… they're just looking for the right player to take it with.