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Do not get fooled by the Arizona Cardinals easy strength of schedule for 2017

The Cardinals have one of the easiest schedules in 2017... For now.

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It is finally time, the Arizona Cardinals 2017 NFL Schedule will be released tonight, and we can all guess incorrectly at the Arizona Cardinals 2017 record.

I know no one had the Cardinals going 7-8-1 in 2016, so the likelihood of getting the 2017 record correct is slim.

However, it doesn’t mean we won’t try and have some fun with it.

For the Cardinals, there 2017 schedule is, as of now, one of the easiest in the NFL, as they are ranked 23rd

Last season though, the Arizona Cardinals in April had the seventh hardest strength of schedule, then the season happened and their ending strength of schedule was the seventh easiest, which made their 7-8-1 2016 season even more befuddling.

All of this to say, the schedule in April may seem like a walk in the park, but what happens between April and December will be the true determination of the season.

If you were to look only at the April 2016 thoughts of the schedule, you would understand why the 7-8-1 season happened.

What the Cardinals make of the 2017 season will have less to do with their 2017 strength of schedule now, and more to do with what team shows up on the field to start the season.