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Arizona Cardinals 2017 Schedule shows one bad season puts you back with the pack

The Arizona Cardinals have two prime time games in 2017.

Arizona Cardinals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

No team had more hype surrounding their 2016 season than the Arizona Cardinals. They were a popular pick to win their first Super Bowl, a popular pick to go to their second Super Bowl and basically everyone had them down to be contenders in 2016.

It showed, as they had four prime time games in the first seven, including three straight weeks of being the main event. Something no Arizona Cardinals team had ever experienced.

Now, though, they are relegated to one early season prime time game on Monday Night Football in week three against the Dallas Cowboys. It is the home opener for the Arizona Cardinals and they will be taking on one of the best young teams in football.

From there, they have their obligatory Thursday Night Football game, at home against the Seattle Seahawks in week ten after a roadtrip to San Francisco the week before, but that is it... For now.

The NFL is being much more cautious with the Cardinals in 2017 after being one of the darlings, at least early, in 2016. Can you blame them? Or was the hook on the Arizona Cardinals being one of the prime time teams too quick?