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Sunday Night Open Thread with Revenge of the Birds

Talk with your fellow Arizona Cardinals fans on Revenge of the Birds.

Stanford v California Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Welcome one and all to the Revenge of the Birds Saturday Night Open Thread.

I had expiring mileage points that had to be used, so I flew home this weekend to enjoy some little league baseball along with a Diamondbacks baseball game.

Should be enjoyable as we head into the homestretch for the 2017 NFL Draft coverage.

I was thinking the other night how grateful I am to have David Johnson as these tantalizing talents at running back come out and are being drafted so early. It sounds like Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette will both be taken early on Thursday, two really fun players that I'd be sad about missing out on… if I didn't have a player like David Johnson to cheer for.

Onto the open thread.

Few house keeping rules:

During this time, please no discussion of or references to politics or religion. We like everyone, please keep it that way.

Please keep the conversation as close to PG-13 as possible. The PG rule also extends to the posting of pictures and gifs. Any nudity (this includes photo's with see through clothing) or anything else of an offensive nature is strictly prohibited and posting such may result in a warning.

Please keep your pic's and GIF's to a reasonable number and a reasonable size as to not slow down the load time of the thread too much.