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Arizona Cardinals 2017 NFL Draft: Defensive prospects to know

Rise Up, See Red and get to know some of the defensive prospects from the 2017 NFL Draft.

Cincinnati v Temple Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

It was one of the longest episodes of the Rise Up, See Red Arizona Cardinals podcast, so Jess was more than kind enough to provide you with table of contents to get exactly what you want out of it.

On this episode, we discuss the 2017 NFL Draft and the prospects on the defensive side of the ball.

It takes so long because, quite frankly the Cardinals are in a unique position and the ability to find players at different positions who can compete to be contributors in 2017 and starters in 2018 is vast.

So buckle up and listen in.

(4:34) The Cardinals’ draft process, their board and extensive research

(19:10) Comments about the quarterback class and talk about whether the Cardinals will go with a QB in the first round, as well as the “unique situation” the Cardinals have.

(29:40) The defensive backs in the draft, possible fits at cornerback and safety for each day of the draft

(1:04:05) The linebackers of the draft, who fits for the Cardinals each day of the draft

(1:13:15) Pass rushers who could be part of the picture for the Cardinals

(1:19:00) Defensive line