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Peter King mocks Arizona Cardinals two first round picks in 2017 NFL Draft

King has the Arizona Cardinals trading back into round one, but not for who you think.

CFP National Championship Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

For the Arizona Cardinals and their fans, Thursday cannot get here fast enough. Mock drafts are the currency of the day and let me tell you, the inflation has made each mock virtually useless.

However, Peter King does one mock draft and when that happens, you listen.

Here is what King has the Arizona Cardinals doing in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Jonathan Allen, DL, Alabama

Cards want a day one starter, and they luck into the falling Allen here.

Everything about this pick actually makes sense and allows the Cardinals to find another player who has a chance to contribute in their revamped defensive line rotation. He is a senior who has been highly successful, so he checks a number of the boxes the Arizona Cardinals like in their prospects.

There is an alternate scenario here, but Jess and I will discuss that tonight for tomorrow’s pod, so make sure you tune in.

Then King goes a bit off the rails... At least to me and has the Arizona Cardinals trading back into round one, at pick 32...

However, it is not for a quarterback like anyone would think.

32. ARIZONA (from New Orleans)
John Ross, WR, Washington
Arizona trades 45th and 77th picks for No. 32 overall.

Had to get Ross into the first round. Cards get the fastest guy in the draft, and a good WR.

I mean, I know Arians loves speed, but this seems like a bad idea and a force to trade your second AND third round picks to move up to take a receiver with a litany of knee issues.

If Ross is there at 45, sure, if the Cardinals like him enough at 13, whatever, but to trade additional picks to get him seems... less than optimal.

What would you think of the Cardinals taking two prospects in round one with huge medical red flags?