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Arizona Cardinals one of two teams that keep coming up with Patrick Mahomes

Todd McShay said the Arizona Cardinals are one team that keep getting mentioned with the Texas Tech quarterback.

Baylor v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

While it may mean nothing, it could mean something and that something is what the focus is on as we head to the homestretch of the 2017 NFL Draft season.

For the Arizona Cardinals, they have been linked to a number of prospects, Reuben Foster, Mike Williams, Corey Davis, John Ross, Haason Reddick among others as well as all of the quarterbacks... and I do mean all of them.

Yet, one name has been linked more than others recently and Todd McShay reiterated that in his article on the rumors he is hearing:

Two teams continue to come up in conversations about Mahomes: the Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs. The closer we get to the draft, I'm not sure the Texas Tech QB will still be around when the Chiefs are on the clock at No. 27 overall.

This would make sense that if the Cardinals want Mahomes, it would have to be at 13, because if they move back, at this point, with the knowledge that they want him, the Chiefs would probably try and move up to get him.

That begs the question... Do you believe this?