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2017 NFL Draft Grades: Arizona Cardinals get high marks for Haason Reddick

The NFL Draft experts love the Cardinals pick of Haason Reddick.

NFL Draft Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

There is no waiting when it comes to the draft. After the first round ended, the internet loves to provide you with what they think of your draft.

For the Arizona Cardinals, sitting and letting a talented player like Haason Reddick fall to you at 13 seems to be a sound strategy.

Here are some of the grades from around the web.

SB Nation

13. Arizona Cardinals: Haason Reddick, LB, Temple — B+

The Cardinals probably would’ve liked to get a quarterback here. Or at least, that’s the best guess based on the two trades that happened in the three picks prior. But Reddick is a solid consolation prize considering his huge potential and athleticism. Pairing the young linebacker with Chandler Jones gives some serious kick to a front seven that is beginning life without Calais Campbell.

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Arizona Cardinals Draft picks: Haason Reddick (No. 13 overall)

Day 1 grade: A

The skinny: Haason Reddick is a very good linebacker and gives the Cardinals an infusion of youth at a position where they needed it. With the top receivers off the board, the Cardinals chose the best player available. Reddick can also be an effective pass rusher from outside or on inside blitzes.

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Sports Illustrated

13. Haason Reddick, LB, Temple

Arizona Cardinals


Of course. Thanks to their uses of guys like Tyrann Mathieu and Deonne Bucannon, the Cardinals have been as creative as any team in the league at finding spots for talented players. Now, they’ll do it again with Reddick, the college DE-turned-NFL linebacker (probably). The Cardinals’ linebacking corps now includes Reddick, Bucannon and Chandler Jones, meaning that that it will be as dynamic and athletic as just about any group in the league. There are some concerns about Reddick’s transition, but this is a good fit. Were the Cardinals caught off guard, though, by the early QB run? They certainly could have considered a quarterback or TE O.J. Howard here, to ensure their future on that side of the ball.

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CBS Sports

Cardinals select: Haason Reddick, OLB, Temple

Grade: A

I love this kid. He can play inside, outside, blitz and he's a tough kid. Love this pick.

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USA Today

13. Haason Reddick, LB Temple — Arizona Cardinals


Analysis: The Cardinals got value and filled a need in drafting Reddick, who could play the Kahlil Mack role in Arizona. He can play linebacker on early downs and rush the passer on passing downs. The Cardinals defense got better on draft night.

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What did you think of the Arizona Cardinals draft?