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Meet Arizona Cardinals first round pick Haason Reddick

The Arizona Cardinals introduced their first round pick to the fans and media.

SiriusXM At The 2017 NFL Draft Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Haason Reddick met with local media today, accompanied by his mother and father. General Manager Steve Keim opened up the press conference by introducing the teams first round pick, and talked a little bit about his scouting process.

It's the passion, the ability to process information, and it's the want to. In our evaluation process of Haason Reddick, that was never a question."

Reddick was asked about making the change to a new position in the NFL.

"I knew that I would be playing a new position. Throughout my college career, I had switched positions multiple times. Each day I try to get better and better and better. I gave it my all and the best came out of it"

Reddick was asked what he would say if someone asked him if he could see himself in the position he is in now, back when we was a Walk-On at Temple.

"I would have asked you if you could see the future"

Asked what it’s like being drafted by a team “Ready to win now”:

"I think that's a great thing. Being a young guy, I always planned that coming into the NFL coming up under a veteran and learning how to be a pro. Anytime a young guy can come out college and immediately look up to somebody, and learn how to be a pro from somebody who's been around for years, I think that's the best case scenario for him, and I think I'm truly blessed to be in that position"

How the last 24 hours have been:

"You know, its still settling in. I still haven't really sat down to reflect on it. Like you said, Im an Arizona Cardinal, I felt like I would be here when I did my visit here. I felt like I was wanted here. Nobody wants to be somewhere where you don't feel wanted."

How his parents have motivated him:

"Everything. I truly don't think i would be here without them. Their guidance their support. Their hard work and the things that they have done. I am truly grateful and blessed to have them as my parents"

Being asked what he would do now that he will have a little bit of NFL money:

“Now that I'm going to have some money in my pocket, buy a house, buy a home for my mother. I wanna move her out here. It's sunny year round, I saw her looking out of the plane 'oohing and aahing'.”

And finally, being asked about his thoughts on Arizona:

First impressions of AZ"Nothing but great people here. I said it already, beautiful place. The people are welcoming, and genuine. It's like heaven on earth"

Give it a few months Reddick.

Reddick seems to be legitimately excited to be in Arizona. His face, his body language just screams a guy who is excited to be apart of the solution in the desert.

Reddick will be donning his fifth number of his career, wearing number 43 for the Arizona Cardinals. As he said “4+3=7”. Seven obviously being the number he wore his senior year at Temple.

Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below.