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Go behind the scenes to see the Arizona Cardinals selection of Budda Baker

The Arizona Cardinals give you access to the drama of the 36th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

NCAA Football: Arizona State at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

For the Arizona Cardinals, they have preached about using their likely 2018 compensatory draft haul to be aggressive in the 2017 NFL Draft.

That unfolded in an amazing scene caught and shared by the Arizona Cardinals and their staff as the Cardinals traded up from the 45th to the 36th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft to select Washington standout defensive back Budda Baker.

The video details how tenuous the situation is as you try to hold onto the player while also managing to get the information that the other team has accepted the trade, get the information that the league has approved the trade and then get the information to the guys making the pick that, hey, we are up now, get ready to make the pick.

It also shows an intimate look at how much the Arizona Cardinals wanted Budda Baker, they wanted him on this roster, they wanted him in this locker room and they wanted him to be a part of what the Arizona Cardinals have built.

Enjoy the behind the scenes look.