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Auburn Tigers get a Rudy Ford hype video out to get Arizona Cardinals fans excited

Get excited about the Arizona Cardinals sixth round pick.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

While I loved everything about the 2017 NFL Draft, the best part was definitely the Arizona Cardinals trading up into the sixth round and getting rid of their two seventh round picks.

The fact that they got a player like Johnathan “Rudy” Ford just makes it all the sweeter.

You see, Ford was a nice safety, with good size and speed, but the Arizona Cardinals see Johnathan Ford, or Rudy from here on out, as another hybrid cornerback in their defense.

You may roll your eyes at the idea of another cornerback project, but the Cardinals are taking athletes and working them into their defense.

It may or may not turn out well, but it is a new and inventive way to get talented players on the field.

Rudy Ford is one of those players.

In his hype video that Auburn sent out shortly after the draft, you can see just what excites the Arizona Cardinals, as he shows good coverage skills, excellent tackling ability and a physicality that is hard to find in corners.

Cardinals fans, get hyped about Rudy Ford.