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Arizona Cardinals will not draft Mahomes or Trubisky at 13... Per Report

One local radio host says the Cardinals will not choose a QB at 13.

North Carolina v Duke Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

There is an interesting reality about to unfold in 18 days when the Arizona Cardinals unveil their 2017 NFL Draft pick.

Much has been made about who they like, will they take a quarterback, what are they looking for in the first round.

Well, one person you can always count on to give an answer is John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports.

On his afternoon show he had this to say:

“Neither Patrick Mahomes nor Mitch Trubisky will be picked by the Arizona Cardinals at No. 13. They do like both quarterbacks, but they are not worthy of the 13th pick in this draft.”

These statements are always so weird to me, “Not worthy”.

What defines worthiness?

Derek Carr wasn’t worthy of the 20th pick or 27th pick to the Arizona Cardinals and if you ask 99% of people, he would be the 1st pick in a re-draft scenario.

So, who defined Carr’s worthiness? Were they right? Based on the needs of the Texans, no, they were wrong... Twice.

Was Deone Bucannon worth the 27th pick? There is a debate to be had based on his work thus far, many still say no, I am not sure I agree with that, but it shows, worthiness is based upon relative value you offer on the field.

Does that mean the Cardinals should take Trubisky or Mahomes at 13? Absolutely not, if your grades say they are not good enough, they are not good enough, but if you “like” a player, you have to understand the cost of doing business.

If you think there are no quarterbacks worth a pick at 13, where does their value lay and how long can you wait?

If you are saying, no quarterback at 13, then you better hope one is there at 45, because moving back up could actually cost you more than 13 would.

Look at it in these terms: If you put a number value on a QB at 27, 30, 35 and 42 (names don’t matter for this exercise) that means that their value for a pick is not until 27 at the earliest.

Except, what happens if other teams disagree?

If every team passes on quarterbacks past 13, when does a team find value?

What about Washington at 17? New York at 23? Houston at 25? Kansas City at 27? Pittsburgh at 30?

What if the teams in the top are trying to get “value” like the Raiders did with Khalil Mack and Carr?

That means the Browns at 33, 49ers at 34, Jaguars at 35, Bears at 36, Chargers at 38, Jets at 39, Saints at 32 and 42, and Bills at 44 all have the “value” to pick those quarterbacks you rated highly.

So then, you have to move up to get your “value”, right? Or, you passed on the position... Again.

That is the debate. What are the quarterbacks value? Did you get it right like you did with Johnny Manziel? Did you get it wrong like Derek Carr? Did you misjudge it like Paxton Lynch or Jacoby Brissett? So many questions.