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Arizona Cardinals release Daryl Washington

The long, strange journey of Daryl Washington has come to an end.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have decided to part ways with Daryl Washington per a press release from the team.

From the team:

"After meeting with Daryl Washington, we have collectively decided it is best to release Daryl and give him the opportunity to continue his career elsewhere."

The Cardinals met with Washington a couple days ago and that meeting would determine how they moved forward with Washington.

Whether Washington actually had a chance of remaining with the Cardinals always seemed next to nothing, but some believed the Cardinals would want reparations from Washington taking $10 million while not playing a down.

However, it seems more like the Cardinals knew all along this was the end and that Washington would be suiting up somewhere else in 2017 and beyond.

The last few days have been heavy in turnover of what were supposed to be building blocks of the Arizona Cardinals finding another shot elsewhere, as Washington will be joining Jonathan Cooper and Michael Floyd.

This is different though.

While Cooper and Floyd disappointed on the field, Washington was a star in the making and one of the best young linebackers in the NFL.

However, he never could control his demons off the field and despite the large investment from the Cardinals, never seemed too concerned with that.

As a fan, this one is different, you want to see Cooper and Floyd reach their potential, but with Washington, you just feel spurned.

At least there is a resolution.