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J.J. Nelson laying the “Groundwork” for going deep

The Arizona Cardinals give you a look at J.J. Nelson going deep.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of the lone bright spots in the 2016 season was the emergence of J.J. Nelson as more than just a deep threat.

Nelson is a dynamic deep threat, no doubt with his 4.28 forty time, but it was the fact that Nelson made himself into an actual receiving threat in 2016 that was fantastic to watch.

Nelson finished 2016 with 34 catches for 568 yards and six touchdowns, meaning once every six catches for Nelson was a touchdown in 2016.

It was that type of production that took Nelson from just being a guy who can take the top off a defense, to a guy who can be a reliable and relevant number three on a good offense, and work as a low end second wide receiver if need be.

It is player development like this that will continue to be key for the Arizona Cardinals in their pursuit of their first Super Bowl in team history, because stars make teams known, but the rest of the roster is what defines a champion.

Get to know Nelson a little more with his “Groundwork” from the Arizona Cardinals.