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Rookie mini-camp for the Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals rookie mini-camp is not just about the 2017 draft class.

NFL Combine - Day 6 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

No one is making the Arizona Cardinals 53 man roster right now.

However, many will be making an impression.

That is why mini-camp is so important for unknowns, you are not going to make the team with your work over this weekend, but you can put yourself in a position to at least have an opportunity to do so come July.

Who has impressed so far? That will be up for debate, but we have seen some names be singled out:

It is not surprising to see wide receivers as the standouts, mini-camp is glorified flag football work, meaning quarterbacks, wide receivers and defensive backs are the players who normally standout.

Seeing those players not only impressing the media, but being singled out by Arians is not completely shocking.

It is expected to see those positions playing well in the drills being ran.

Also of note, do not be concerned when draft picks are not among the standouts. They're likely working on specific things with position coaches, not trying to make early impressions.