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Rookie mini-camp is a chance for unknowns to impress the Arizona Cardinals

What unknowns do you see making it out of mini-camp with the Arizona Cardinals?

Howard v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

For many that dream of playing in the NFL it starts without hearing their name called on draft day.In fact, for most players at the Arizona Cardinals rookie mini-camp, they never expected to hear their name, they knew the only way they'd get to live out their dream of playing in the NFL would be through scratching and clawing their way onto the roster and that started this weekend at rookie mini-camp

.The reality is no one is making the Cardinals off of their work this weekend at mini-camp, but a number of players will lose an opportunity to work in training camp this weekend.

That is why mini-camp is so important for unknowns, you are not going to make the team with your work over this weekend, but you can put yourself in a position to at least have an opportunity to do so come July.

Getting updates on players standing out means nothing for July, but it does usually signify that a couple of players who were brought in for tryouts, not signed to contracts as undrafted free agents, will get to continue to pursue their dreams come July.

Based on what you heard from the mini-camp weekend, who are you guessing will get that opportunity?