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Arizona Cardinals offensive line investments continue, will it lead to better play?

The Arizona Cardinals have invested heavily in the offensive line each offseason, will it pay off?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

It has been the most important position group the Arizona Cardinals have tried to address every offseason, and somehow, it is still the biggest question mark.

Can the offensive line block well enough for the Arizona Cardinals passing game to be effective?

The long answer is yes, but it's never going to be a highly efficient pass blocking offensive line.

The reason is, as long as Bruce Arians is the head coach and offensive mastermind, he wants to attack deep down the field.

Those deep passes ask for time which lead to a number of hurries and hits, which bring down the offensive efficiency of the pass blocking.

Yet, when you look at the Cardinals offense at its apex, 2015, they ranked extremely highly in percentage of sacks per drop backs, which is more important.

I always say that sacks matter and that is evident with the Cardinals offense. They're never one of the higher ranked pass blocking units per Pro Football Focus, but they are not one of the most sacked per drop back teams when they are running most efficiently.

Can they get back to that in 2017?