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The NFL didn’t like the quarterbacks after the top four

The media made a big deal out the quarterbacks, but the top four were always the top four.

Syracuse v Pittsburgh Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

When the 2017 NFL Draft came and went the idea was there were plenty of quarterbacks to be drafted if the Arizona Cardinals missed out on one of the top three.

The Cardinals were not interested in DeShone Kizer, by virtue of passing on him at 13 then again at 36, but he was clearly the fourth best quarterback in the draft.

Davis Webb was passed on AZ by the Cardinals three times and C.J. Beathard was a surprise third round pick, but the rest of the quarterbacks drafted were on day three.

The chance that one of those quarterbacks turns out to be something more than a journeyman is slim, hell even getting them as backups is unlikely, so it makes sense that Arizona passed.

However, it seems like the overall thought of a couple of these quarterbacks by the media were far off from that of the NFL.

Matt Miller of Bleacher Report had an interesting quote in his latest scouting notebook:

Former Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs generated a ton of hype leading up to the draft, but he was ultimately selected in the fourth round. Pitt passer Nate Peterman also created a stir at the Senior Bowl and garnered some top-50 talk before falling to the fifth-round. What does this mean? As one general manager told B/R: "It means trust the tape. Neither of those guys was any good on Saturday. We're smarter than you guys give us credit for."

This wasn’t a surprise to some, Justin and I tried to caution of the Webb/Peterman rise, although Webb went about where he deserved, and that this happens every year.

Dobbs was just the case of a guy who you saw tools in but no consistency with those tools.

It will be fun to see if these guys prove the NFL wrong.