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What Anonymous Scouts Have to Say About Cardinals Draft Pick Haason Reddick

Anonymous scouts always seem to have plenty to say near the draft, both before and afterwards. Here's what they are saying about new Cardinals linebacker Haason Reddick.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Haason Reddick, by many accounts, was an excellent day one choice for the Arizona Cardinals this past Thursday. We have posted plenty here on Revenge of the Birds stating our thoughts on the linebacker, what his role figures to be and how he may be able to help the Cardinals right away with his play.

The Cards obviously loved him, otherwise they would not have taken him 13th overall. But what do other 'anonymous' scouts around the NFL think about the Temple product? Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel collected some of their feedback.

3. HAASON REDDICK, Temple (6-1 ½, 233, 4.52, 1): Former walk-on cornerback from Camden, N.J., who catapulted from late-round status to the first round in six months. "He's skyrocketed," said one scout. "Coming into the year he was a reject. He had a hell of a year. Productive, tough, fast." Started 29 of 47 games at DE before playing effectively at ILB during the Senior Bowl. "I'd still let him rush outside," another scout said. "Maybe you leave him as a ‘will' linebacker and just let him run and chase." Finished with 147 tackles (46 for loss) and 18 sacks, including 10 ½ in 2016. "He's a great kid," said a third scout. "His interview captivates you. It was awesome. He's Alpha dog. He's tough. Everything you want in an inside backer." Weight dropped from 237 at the combine to 230 at pro day. "He can run like a reindeer and plays hard," a fourth scout said. "I didn't like his instincts and they rotated him a bunch. I don't like it when teams do that. They can say they wanted to keep him fresh, but when you have a special player and you're Temple you don't take him off the field unless he is really tired. That wasn't the case. They had a predetermined rotation. That's always a flag. If you grade the flashes you see why people are excited. He has a high ceiling but he could be a flash in the pan." Led LBs with an 11-1 broad jump. Wonderlic of 21.

In case you didn't click on McGinn's article (you should), Reddick was ranked third behind Reuben Foster and Jarrad Davis, both of whom went after Reddick (Foster's fall was more related to off-field issues than talent).

What do you think, Cards fans? The Cardinals seem to be planning on letting Reddick play in a variety of positions with his versatility, but where do you see him fitting in best?