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Arizona Cardinals have top 12 draft in NFL per the experts

An accumulation of draft grades show the Arizona Cardinals had a top 12 draft in 2017.

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NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The reviews are pouring in and it the Arizona Cardinals have overwhelmingly received positive praise on their 2017 NFL Draft.

One Twitter user gathered most of the big name draft guys and put their grades into a sortable format, which makes things even easier for us fans to get mad about.

Here is the tweet:

Nine football experts ranked the 2017 NFL Draft and the Cardinals sat right outside the top ten at the 11th spot.

That is really good, obviously we all hope that they turnout as one of the 11 best drafts from 2017.

It is even more interesting to see that the Cardinals were the second best in the NFC West. San Francisco had pretty much the consensus best draft, you can argue that in my opinion, but seeing Seattle at 21 and the Rams at 31 is... Well, we hope that these rankings are mostly accurate.

Here is the Arizona Cardinals grade by itsef:

Two “A” grades and a lot of “B” grades, I did the searching for you, so in order here are the draft grades and the graders:

Pete Prisco - A

Dieter (Fox Sports) - B-

Chris Burke - A-

Mel Kiper - B

Chad Reuter - B+

Nate Davis - B

Vinnie Iyer - B

Mark Maske - B

Dan Kadar - B

Our own fans gave the Cardinals an “A” which I am sure is shocking.