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Arizona Cardinals have a desired staff now

Michael Bidwill has built something that has other teams now stealing the Cardinals top talent, the biggest compliment for any team.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

For a long, long time, since the Arizona Cardinals moved to the valley, they were the laughingstock of the NFL.

Not only were they a laughingstock, they were perpetually turning over coaches, reaching into other organizations and trying to find the guy who would carry them out of where they were... In last.

The common thread was always the elder Bidwill, yet when Michael took over, you could see the changing of the Cardinals.

The greatest change occurred in 2013, when Bidwill promoted from within and brought Steve Keim up as General Manager, then when they took a chance on a guy who wasn’t a hot young name, wasn’t an up and comer, but instead was an overlooked and under respected offensive mind in Bruce Arians.

What has happened since is remarkable, yet it is not the on the field product that has to make Bidwill the most proud, although I am sure that does not hurt, but it has to be that teams are wanting to hire Arizona Cardinals staff in high ranking places now.

Since 2013, the Cardinals have lost Jason Licht to become the Tampa Bay GM, Todd Bowles to be the New York Jets head coach, and most recently, Malik Boyd, who is now the Buffalo Bills Director of Pro Player Personnel.

These are amazing times for Arizona, they are not just producing winning on the field, but the way they are doing it is making their staff the envy of much of the league. Something we have never seen before.