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Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks past Palmer just don't inspire confidence

ESPN lowered Arizona down the confidence index and it has less to do with Palmer than you think.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-OTA Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The ESPN confidence index for quarterbacks that was written this week brought out the passion in the Arizona Cardinals fanbase.

It is understandable how much fans love and adore Palmer, he has been at the helm of the most successful regular season run in Arizona Cardinals history.

Palmer also is without question the only option for the Arizona Cardinals in the 2017 season. Palmer has the ability to quarterback a prolific offense, but he also has the ability to lead and instill confidence in not only the fans, but within the locker room and coaching staff.

It is why Cardinals fans were so upset about the perceived slight of Palmer in the confidence index, but if you really focus on the article overall, I believe it has less to do with Palmer's understandable decline and more to do with the Cardinals four other camp arms on the roster.

The quartet of Drew Stanton, Blaine Gabbert, Zac Dysert and Trevor Knight instills zero confidence in the outside world, but also strikes zero fear into an opponents heart.

Palmer has proven over his four years in Arizona that he is a top half of the league passer.

The Cardinals without Palmer have a bunch of guys who have had zero statistical success in the NFL. They seem to have no firm plan for post Palmer and they seem to be willing to work through a bevy or veterans and cheap, young options before they make another investment in the draft.

It is not surprising that the Cardinals rank in the middle of the pack in confidence rankings. In fact, with what is behind Palmer, I am a little surprised to see them that high.

That speaks to what NFL still thinks of Palmer, even as he careens towards then end of his career.